I’m up in the library of Laurentian University and I am supposed to be finishing a couple of essays. Essays I should be able to do in my sleep. Why do I put these things off so that they become bigger than they need to be!?

At 11 I have a 3 hour shift in the writing assistance office and so far their are no appointments. There are no classes this week – it’ reading week, so I have all the time in the world – which is the problem. I have the habit of pushing everything ahead to the last minute.

It’s like shovelling snow down the driveway – you can get so far and then the shovel can’t do it anymore – or maybe it’s just my back! On e has to stop and lift a load over to the side – just get it done! Well, it will get done, it’s just that I don’t want them hanging around till the end of the week.

I get irritable when things are hanging over me, that I feel should have been done long ago. Where do some people have that discipline? Where does it come from? Yoy know, the writers who say they get up, write for several hours. Then they take the dog out, or whatever and then put in another few hours of productive work. Do they not play solitaire for God knows how long?

Just a rant – I’m sure I’ll be OK……….


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