Toronto Star columnist Rosie Dimanno, took the ohoompf out of Al Gore’s appearance last night (Feb 21) in Toronto. Certainly the media circus and public adulation is rather unsettling. Dimanno attempted to declare that, look, Mr. Gore puts his pants on one leg at a time.

Gore clearly isn’t the guy he was back in 2000; so stiff and formal, people thought, by comparison that George Bush was a friendly, gee whiz Texan and it might be kinda fun having him as president. Fun. Wow. Just ask an Iraqi shopkeeper.

I saw Gore’s DVD and I was very impressed by his laid back style and presentation. He just said it like it was, let the facts and graphs speak for themselves and let us do the math. The personal background of the man helped me relate to him as presenter and to the material. The presentation was like a Kumon math lesson where we went at our own pace to come to a logical solution.

The media circus and all the fawning by the public aside, Gore has provided us with valuable information. The added value was the elegant presentation itself: sushi instead of meat and potatoes dumped on a plate, with the server yelling, eat it all or no dessert!



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