Statement: Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq

I have taken this post from the Website of the Basra Oil Workers by way of showing my solidarity with them. This union has suffered repression from the American-backed Iraqi government. I believe there is no democracy wherever union rights are denied or frustrated. Unions are grassroots democracy at its best and sometimes, in Canada, at its worst.

This is the Basra Oil Workers Union finest hour. And they stand alone.

Friday, February 02, 2007
Letter to the World Social Forum in Nairobi from Hassan Jumaa

Note: the refrences to the international development charity War on Want below relate to the support which WoW has given the union. WoW is one of the union’s partner organisations in the UK. Please visit their website for further information on their excellent work


Greetings from the Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq to the esteemed delegates of the World Social Forum

To our esteemed brothers and sisters in War on Want

Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to attend your conference. This is due to the difficult and dangerous times that are the reality of Iraq at present. This awful situation is directly the result of occupation and the terrorists who target the people of Iraq. We believe that America is complicit in all the acts of death and destruction that occur daily in our wounded Iraq. It is clear to us that the aim of American planning and invasion is to destroy the infrastructure of the country and to create civil strife and conflict between the components of Iraqi society. The sectarianism that is tearing Iraq apart was unknown before the occupation. Even the long war with Iran and the brutal sanctions regime did not fracture the unity of the Iraqi people.

The Iraqi people will remain united in the face of these crimes that are orchestrated by the occupying American forces. I implore the peace loving people of the west who believe in genuine democracy to stand with the Iraqi people in their hour of need. The Iraqi people will rise to expel the occupying forces and start the mammoth task of reconstruction with Iraqi hands, and help from the peace loving people of the world.

And I particularly say to America “hands off Iraqi oil”. This wealth belongs to the people of Iraq and the decent people of the world.

I wish you every success with your conference and please do not forget Iraq and its people. Your support of our civil institutions is much appreciated.

To our friends in “War on Want”, thank you for your financial support. It was thanks to your gracious support that our second privatisation conference in Basra was a success.

Finally, I say to you that the Iraqi people believe in peace and genuine democracy and not Bush’s fake democracy built on death and destruction.

Hassan Juma’a Awad Al-Asadi.
Head of Federation of Iraqi Oil Unions

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