Stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership

Peter MacKay? Stockwell Day? Condoleezza Rice? Are these the faces of modern democracy? If so we are not only in deep trouble, we are not in a democracy by the people for the people – we are in an economic dictatorship.

We are approaching an Orwellian place where security and terror are cover words for installing a corporate-controlled “board of directors” that will control the capitalist expansion of global trade in North America.

If Steven Harper is re-elected, we will enter a time in Canada that will usher in civil disobedience on a scale unprecedented in Canadian history. We would have to look back to the Winnipeg general strike and the auto stirkes of the 1940’s for examples.

As then, this modern struggle will be will be a struggle to regain democratic control of the economy. Why do it the hard way? Let’s work to make sure Harper is defeated and that neither the Liberals or Conservatives gain a majority.

If working people voted in their own true interests, that is to say a greater voter turnout, then we would see Socialist/Green/Labour parties in a position to create a minority coalition. It can be done – if not, here is a taste of what is in store for us – if not, here is a taste of what is in store for us:


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