Iran-Contra Part 2???

Another American president who got away without being impeached was Ronald Reagan. He oversaw the funneling of money to American -backed forces which overthrew Central American governments the Americans viewed as too left-wing. At the same time, arms sold to Iran – against American laws – provided the money that was used to fund the “contras” in Central America. The Iran-Contra affair was investigated and minor characters were found guilty, while top officials basically said: huh? Me? and waltzed off into the sunset.

Now Seymour Hersh is reporting that the Bush administration is funneling money to al-Qaeda backed groups in Iraq because they are the current best ally for the Americans. The time is coming for the American people to take notice to what is being done in their name. They live in – supposedly – the worlds’ preeminent democracy and yet Mr. Bush is acting just like any other distasteful dictator .


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