It’s not pretty but it’s a good day for Canadian democracy

PM Harper’s minority government was again defeated in a vote in an attempt to enact questionable anti-terror laws. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day used the same tact as President Bush in accusing those who disagree with the legislation as “soft on terrorism”, and that only the Harper Conservatives are able to protect Canadians.

Harper’s goal is to split the liberal party along the Left/Right divide. The Liberals have done it to themselves as the party is constantly shifting for votes. If the Liberals get re-elected with a majority Canadians could safely bet that the party would enact something similar anyway.

The NDP has always clearly stated their opposition to the Bill.

It’s not pretty because progressive democracy in this country is happening by accident as the Liberals and Conservatives jockey for the best position to win a majority. The country then faces no real choice because it will be a battle between two right-wing parties – just as in the U.S.

The Conservatives are overtly right-wing and the liberals always pander for the left-wing vote only to betray those voters in order to please the party’s corporate masters.


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