Carbon Tax

Like it or not, we will be paying higher prices for gas at the pumps. The real question is: do we want to just keep enriching the oil companies or do we want to help change our reliance oil?

A carbon tax will raise billions of dollars which can then be used to invest in alternative energy sources. We will pay the extra as a price to be paid to wean ourselves off this toxic drug, called oil. There are many schemes on the internet – well-meaning organizations which help us pay for the damage we do in the form of a carbon offset. A calculation is done on, say how much a certain vehicle pollutes and another calculation produces a monthly amount to pay – the money will go to some green industry.

There is no regulation – or barely – and no way to really confirm that the money paid to offset the carbon actually helps the environment.

A better way would be a government run tax. Of course, then this gets us to whether we are really living in a democracy. As long as friends of big oil – like the Harper government are around, we can bet there will be no such thing as a carbon tax.


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