More evidence of a major arms race

It’s happening and I am not trying to sound like chicken little. Since the invasion of Iraq, civil liberties are under attack and the whole world seems to be drifting toward sustained conflict.

In the meantime, the major economic powers – that is, the ones with the cash – are increasing their defense budgets, as in this article about China.

Argue what you will, we are entering a period where the major economies will fight over the last easy oil. Those with little to lose in the impoverished and neglected parts of the world will attempt to thwart the major economic powers any way they can. Global capitalism has deepened the existing divide between the haves and have nots; and they know injustice when they see it.

Now is the time to be working together and sharing the resources of the world, and yet we seem ready to fight to the death to keep what we have and let a huge portion of the earth’s population to suffer.




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2 responses to “More evidence of a major arms race

  1. I see no difference in the past to the present and what lies ahead in the future.

  2. We must learn from the past in order to create a present we can be proud of tomorrow………….

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