Response to Straightgoods article

I believe an election is imminent and necessary. Last evening, we had our NDP nomination meeting in the Sudbury Riding and Gerry McIntaggart was acclaimed. He has an excellent chance to unseat incumbent, Diane Marleau, as his vote has steadily increased over the last two federal elections.

In his article, Geoffrey Stevens states “[t]here is nothing Harper could do with a majority that he cannot do with his minority…” This is dangerous thinking. Harper very much wants a majority and he is quite capable of presenting a budget the NDP won’t accept, which will certainly bring on an election. Many Canadians are very fearful (and I am one of them) of a Harper majority – even a slim one. Harper will be willing to take on the Supreme Court and any civil liberty groups he has to face to implement his law and order agenda.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership process is an agenda the elites want to pursue in order to put down, once and for all, any threat to the formation of “Fortress America”. The goal is to institute a new regime, embedding unregulated global capitalism as a new form of civil law. The goal is to make NAFTA more than a trade deal, more than the law of the land – the goal is to reshape the thinking of citizens to accept capitalism as inevitable and that it should exist with no regulation.

Resistance to this thinking can be seen throughout the Americas. Left governments are being elected in South America. There is civil unrest in the south of Mexico (the Zapatistas and the ongoing unrest in Oaxaca), immigration problems persist in the U.S. which feed terrorism fears and in Canada we are losing control of our economy and the social services we spent generations building. As our economy deteriorates, civil unrest will increase in this country and with a majority, a Harper government will commence to fill Canadian prisons. I believe a Harper majority will finally awaken a sense of outrage in this country and people will finally wake up to the threat that global capitalism presents. In short, a Harper majority will be Mike Harris x 10000.

I may sound alarmist. And it doesn’t have to be this way, but Mr. Harper has worked hard to rein in his arrogance because of his minority situation. He will have no compunction to do so with a majority. Civil strife can be avoided by welcoming an election as a chance to rein in neo-conservative thinking in this country once and for all. Such thinking is rooted in the idea of a pre-ordained structure in which might makes right and wealth is a sign of success and godliness

The NDP must enter this election as a clear alternative to the liberals and conservatives. It must stand clearly as being an entity that represents more than just an economic vision of this country. The people in the NDP must convince voters that we all have a hand in fashioning our own fate, that the corporate elites do not have all the answers, and that we live in peril if we insist on leaving affairs in the hands of men with only their own narrow interests at heart. (Specifically, wealth creation obtained by the exploitation of people, and the environment.) Unregulated capitalism and its champions have had their way for twenty-five years and it’s time for us to call an end to it.

A system of proportional representation should then be a priority so that this constant shifting of policy by liberals and conservatives can be avoided. Parties will have to bargain, compromise and dialogue in order to create public policy that reflects the desires of most Canadians – not just the wishes of corporate elites in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.



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