Human rights violated in Zimbabwe

This report shows how tenuous human rights are in the world. Robert Mugabe is one of the most ruthless autocrats in the world. The country is starving and the inflation rate is in the four figure range.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, first came to my notice a couple of years ago because he is a labour leader who took on a corrupt government. He and his supporters were badly beaten in what seems to be a brazen attempt to silence him permanently.

I hope the Canadian government adds its voice in condenming this outrage.



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3 responses to “Human rights violated in Zimbabwe

  1. Chris, this is a worrying development in a country where the people have already suffered greatly at the hands of Mugabe. Corruption seems to be widespread amongst this Mugabe administration and who suffers only the people. I also hope Ireland and the European Union will also be fortright in its condemnation of these actions.

    BTW thanks for the link to my Blog. I have done likewise.

  2. Apologies my last post should have read Chris not Paul. Pressure of work!!!

  3. Chris, Paul!! Who am I??!!?? That’s ok- thanks for the comments and link. I tried to think of the situation in terms of my own experience – imagine if Jack Layton – I pick him because he is a social democrat – was detained and beaten and thrown in jail and held in court while court officials went to lunch…..What would Canadians do? Would there be an uprising of indignation? I hope so. I haven’t had a chance today to follow up on the events – I hope Tsvangirai can recover.

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