Another Bloody Day in Baghdad

How long can the carnage continue? How many people have to die before George Bush finds the humility to admit that his attempt to project American military force into the Middle East is a disaster – for those in the Middle East, as well as American military personel who have suffered and died?

This is the 21st century’s first Resource War. American military power has been shoehorned into Iraq in an attempt to bolster Israel, control access to oil and control access to African resources. All under the guise of a war on terror. This is the greatest state crime in the history of the modern world, and George Bush must answer to the people of the world the someday; preferably from the docket of the International Criminal Court. Ordinary Iraqi’s and American families deserve those answers……


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Filed under Human Rights, Injustice in Iraq, Iraq and USA, Iraq War, Justice for 911, Terrorism

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