Where does the time go!?

I have not been posting as much lately – partly becauseI’ve been catching up on procrastinated course work and partly because I sometimes hit a wall in terms of getting my thoughts focused so I can write something.

With the deaths of six canadian soldiers over the Easter weekend, in Afghanistan, I am outraged because we should not be fighting there. It is not their deaths in themselves; they are tragic enough. What is tragic, sad and indefensible, is the hubris of our Prime Minister and his pandering to Continentalists who envision a Fortress North America trading block, which is fighting to hold onto the oil fields of the Middle east. Why? So capitalists can continue – for as long as possible – to maintain this perverted consumer society of ours.

I say perverted because we have gone WAY beyond our means in providing the necessities and we now consume 80% of the world’s resources and we in the West have 20% of the population. We are in the middle of the first resource war of the 21st century. It can only end badly, yet I pray that Peace and Humanity will prevail. It will if good men and women make it so. Otherwise the bodies will keep coming home and the poorest of the poor will have no option but revolt.


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