Where to start!!??

I’m almost speechless. Afghanistan, Iraq, Virginia – violence perpetrated by those who believe the gun can solve problems. Empassioned persuasion and brave personal example, as practiced by Martin Luther King, have devolved into a silent scream of action, powered by hate, rage, intolerance and disbelief in the concept that, while things may look bad in the moment, we ALWAYS have a choice – a choice to do or to not do an action.

We have the ability to choose to stop killing. We have the choice to stop and listen to each other, to believe in ourselves and in each other. To believe that the world tomorrow will – WILL – be better than today – if we will it to be so.

God help us all, if we don’t get it in time……Things can be much, much worse than they are now, yet I believe many are starting to think it is all hopeless; to believe that the only truth worth anything, is the lie that if we all pursue our own self-interest, then the world will be better for those who deserve it – who have worked for it – who have PAID for it.

It is a lie, because the only reason we have survived as a species is because we knew; we instinctively knew, that it took a village to help an individual survive. We did not survive alone,as family units huddled around our single campfire, looking covetously at the next, distant fire, knowing we could kill that other lonely individual and thereby gain all they had. Yet, here we are in 2007, isolated and fearful with murder growing in our hearts – murder of the environment, of democracy, of humane-ness, of trust, of HOPE.

We must take up where Martin Luther King left off: non-violent resistance to state and individual violence. Non-violent resistance to the hope-killers like George Bush and Defense Minister O’Connor, who had the gall to announce that Canada will be in Afghanistan and other countries like it for 10 to 15 years! No. We must not let it happen. Together, millions of us can make a difference…….


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