Dysfunctional politics

If I said that Canadian federal politics are totally messed up, a listener might respond with, ‘what planet have YOU been on?’ So, I am going to say that Canadian federal politics no longer function – they once did – but no longer function as a democracy anymore. Principles are sold off for political expediency, war-mongers like Harper and Ignattief play for the press corps while Canadian soldiers die.

Federal politics are now cheap online poker matches, with party leaders throwing their hand down where a vote used to take place on principled stands of national importance.

The war in Afghanistan and the Harper government’s possible complicity in violations of the Geneva Convention have surely proved how devastatingly low federal politics have fallen. The NDP, in trying to stick to their unchanged stand against the war from the beginning, voted against a Liberal motion – a motion purposely designed to fail and allow the Liberals to do what they do best – look like they stand for something, when, in fact, they are merely manuevering for votes. The NDP DID NOT support the Harper government in principle. But the optics are terrible. However, the party will table another motion on Thursday. However, it cannot be denied that the whole anti-war effort, as represented in Parliament, is in a shambles. This country needs a socialist party to anchor the progressive base of politics in Parliament. The NDP are unable to do it alone and the Greens need to learn from their European counterparts.

Ceasefire.ca has made sense of what happened in Parliament, April 25, 2007. The day principles were sacrificed while others get to die.


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