Iraqi oil law

This AlterNet article, takes issue with the fact that U.S. lawmakers and opinion leaders are misrepresenting the Iraq “Hydro-Carbon Law”.

The trick is to use the resource to bring the various factions together in order to stabalize the country. The problem is and where the misrepresenatation comes in is that the law itself does NOT provide for the equitable sharing. There will be a separate agreement, made behind closed doors, for the “sharing” of the revenues.

Left out of all this is the Iraqi oil workers who have struggled against massive odds, to do what uinons here take for granted.

If the revenue sharing doesn’t work, then there will be continued sectarian violence in Iraq. And it will agian be a situation where the U.S., Canada, Britain – the usual culprits – will stand by and let the factions kill themselves. Iraq Oil Infrastructure


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