Plutonium and plutocracy, July 6 2007

“ACR-1000 (Advanced CANDU Reactor)”

acr03.jpg “ACR-1000 (Advanced CANDU Reactor) Photo:

Closed door corporate deals with government officials, are the way things are done in a plutocracy. Make no mistake, the Canadian state is governed by a wealthy elite, and that is the definition of a plutocracy.

The Toronto Star is, so far, leading with a story that the federal government is planing to sell the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL), to “…industrial giant General Electric Co.” Read the full article here.


I am not concerned here with nuclear energy and all the hype about a proud Canadian enterprise. Although, it should be said there IS a lot to be concerned about. What concerns me for the purposes of this article, is that while Canada is in a minority government situation, it is astounding how things just keep going on as if this wasn’t so. A minority government should produce more dynamic debate, probing questions and SPIRIT!

Instead there is lethargy, silence and acquiescence from everything from the Afghanistan debacle to the sale of Canadian industry and the continued sellout of the Canadian working class and Aboriginal peoples. Where in God’s name is the outrage at what is happening as the wealthy pillage the Canadian state, impose more surveillance and deny democracy to the masses?

The answer lies in the evidence that the masses don’t give a shit as long as the cheap stuff arrives at Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Wal-Mart before the credit cards are maxed out. If the general population is not moved to indignant outrage, then the ruling class will simply continue to rule.


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