Live Earth Farce, July 7, 2007

The Globe and Mail’s Saturday online edition, leads off with this uncredited photo about the Live earth concert in SYDNEY, Australia.

This photo appeared in Saturday’s online edition of the Toronto Star with the headline: “Iraqi civilians slaughtered”. The Live Earth concert was covered in a side column.
247788_3-tor-star.jpg(AP PHOTO)

Al Jazeera opens it’s coverage with the bombing in Iraq. The Live earth coverage was given less space on the homepage. The graphic details appeared in the text of the article.

1_223848_1_5-iraq.jpg“Many people were trapped under the rubble of homes which were demolished in the blast” [Reuters]

According to Al Jazeera ,” Hamad Rasheed, a local civilian administrator, said, “The security reports that I have received from the scene confirmed that 115 were killed and five are missing and around five more collected as loose flesh. The corpses were under the debris of the collapsed buildings. Some were burnt and others were torn apart. This is a big disaster for the town, all of the casualties were civilians”

The report continues with Hamad Rasheed, saying that, “Some 40 homes, 20 shops and 10 vehicles were destroyed. The corpses were under the debris of the collapsed buildings. Some were burnt and others were torn apart.” He continued, saying that, “This is a big disaster for the town, all of the casualties were civilians…”



Al Gore did a great service to middle class North Americans with his work on “An Inconvenient Truth” Unfortunately, this same demographic desperately wants to believe that huge rock concerts will actually be the catalyst for the radical change which must occur if the human race is to survive.


This demographic needs to come to understand that it is global capitalism, fueled by unparalleled levels of consumption, that is at the root of global warming, war, poverty and inequality. The war in Iraq is a resource war – the first of many to come. Global warming and war are inextricably linked and the only thing that will change the world is a change of heart in the millions who have a lot while the billions suffer a lot.


We must examine the historical progress of global capitalism. We must understand that it started with European expansion to the Americas which saw the decimation of Aboriginal cultures. The expansion continued with the Industrial Age and the exploitation of the working class. It has continued to this day with cheap products made under near slave conditions, and fueled by ever increasing uses of non-renewable resources. Global capitalism has always relied on the suffering of the many for the enrichment of the few. To continue to turn our backs on our history is to doom our children to a life of desperate destitution


A powerful paradigm shift is coming – and it MUST come. We, in the consumer havens of North America and Europe, can choose to change, or a wave of rage, war and destruction – both environmental and human-made, will wash over us all. The levels of inequality that exist in the world cannot be sustained.


Al Gore knows all of this and he and many others are doing what they think will help. However, real change can only come from an informed and radicalized movement that links the middle classes of North America, Europe and elsewhere with, as examples, the people of Oaxaca fighting for social justice in Mexico, Bolivian Indigenous peoples fighting for control of their water and oil; with Canadian First Nations struggling with poverty, while still in the shadows of the Residential Schools system. With the destitute mothers, fathers and children in Sudan, Somalia and other areas of North Africa which is already in the grip of a resource war.


Paul Chislett


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