Media mogul worries. July 11, 2007

“A bellman prepares to open the doors of the Lodge at the Sun Valley Resort in Sun Valley, Idaho July 10, 2007. The world’s biggest media chiefs gather this week at the 25th annual Allen & Co. conference at the resort starting today.” (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

The high priests of Big Media gather at this plush Idaho resort to “plan” for the future. All of them are obscenely wealthy and their immediate concern is to stay that way. They will continue to monitor their user database in the ongoing efforts to suck every penny from the masses – or in their terms – consumers. In the process they will continue to subvert the real purpose of the media which is to inform and empower citizens in our efforts to create a better world and foster understanding among us. The profit motive and participatory democracy are not compatible. Democratizing the media and technology is a top priority for those studying and working in the media.

One thing is certain – none of the masses will get to vote on anything at this gathering.

So if the moguls are hard at play in Idaho, what are others doing out of concern for creating a meaningful media? A media that acts as bridge between exploitation and empowerment. Well, as the working class has always done, we take up the cause on our own behalf.
Read it here.


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