Hillier and Harper back off from combat mission, July 12, 2007

249659_3-hillier.jpg : “In an interview in his Ottawa office on July 11, 2007, Gen. Rick Hillier has high praise for Afghan troops.” (JONATHAN HAYWARD FOR THE TORONTO STAR)

According to reporter JONATHAN HAYWARD of the Ottawa bureau of THE TORONTO STAR, in an interview with General Hillier, Canadian troops are ready to allow the Afghan army take the lead in the fighting there. He writes that, “[b]y this fall, as many as five battalions of Afghan troops will be operating in Kandahar province under the mentoring of Canadian troops, a significant infusion of strength that sets the stage for the country’s own military to help quell the deadly insurgency.”

“… in an exclusive interview with the Star yesterday afternoon, the general sketched out – literally – the makings of an exit strategy.”The focus goes from us in the lead with very little support until now from them to them in the lead,” said Hillier, the chief of defense staff.”

The report also says that Prime Minister Harper is catching up with the thinking of Canadians. Hayward writes that “[t]he Prime Minister even told a Calgary radio station this week that he has no desire to prolong the combat mission in Kandahar.”I think Canadians are expecting that if we’re in Afghanistan after 2009, it would be a new mission,” Harper said.”

It is endemic in our society today that when power is faced with uncomfortable facts, they simply ‘spin’ their way out of it.  Maybe it doesn’t matter how we get out, as long as we do. In the end, it will be dead Afghans and soldiers who paid the price for stubborn leaders, faulty decisions.


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