The spin doctors at work. July 13, 2007

Polling shows that Canadians are increasing their opposition to the military role in Afghanistan. The government commissions a firm to figure out why. The firm says the message coming from the government is using the wrong words. So it’s not that Canadians can see the truth and react to it. The problem is that we aren’t being lied to properly.

The photo below portrays what the government would like us to think about our role in Afghanistan:


“A Canadian soldier shakes hands with an Afghan boy during a joint patrol with Afghan National Army troops near Panjwaii village, Kandahar province, on Friday.” (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

I have no doubt that in general this is the role that the soldiers themselves see as their mission – to help by defeating the “bad guys” out there.

However if we look at the so-called War on Terror, it makes sense to view it as a “resource” war – control of territory and resources – especially oil – for the continued maintenance of consumption for the profit of the few. The U.S. military maintains it’s massive presence in Iraq, while NATO troops, including Canadians, scatter the remnants of  AL Queada into Pakistan. This is not a “clash of civilizations”, it is a clash of rich against the poor, and we are part of this ugly reality.

I agree that this is simply my opinion. The point is, though, that I didn’t form this opinion arbitrarily. I formed it from reading other news media – the so-called alternative media, many of which I have linked on my Home page. I urge whoever visits this site to peruse these links and then balance off what you read, hear and watch in the mainstream media, with this information. I don’t consider my self any different from any other reader of this site. So, if I can come to another conclusion contrary to what the government would like me too, so can you.

The Harper and Bush governments don’t care about whether there is really support for the troops – that’s just the window dressing – the propaganda. They care that the truth of the war is never revealed. They worry that Canadians know something is wrong with this military mission and this Globe and Mail article gives a good account of how they will continue to spin their way along.



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