Help free Mansour Ossanlu, July 15, 2007

Mansour Ossanlu is the head of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company. According to Amnesty International, he has been instrumental in building “… international support for an independent trades union movement in Iran.” Amnesty believes he is being held in prison as a prisoner of conscience.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation is conducting a campaign to free Mr. Ossanlu. According to the ITF website “…authorities in Iran this afternoon (Thursday 12 July) admitted that Mansour Osanloo is being held in Evin Prison, Tehran.

4385-mansour-ossanlu.jpg(“Mansour Osanloo recently spoke at the ITF headquarters in London”)

“ITF General Secretary David Cockroft said: “At least we now know where Mansour is being held. We will campaign with renewed vigour for his release, and for the Iranian Government to rein in the loose cannons responsible for this latest shameful attack.”

You can help efforts to secure his release here.


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