Will the last one to leave Canada just turn off the lights….

Honestly, I’m getting a little giddy. Maybe I should put myself up for sale. The Toronto Star online edition has an all-too-familiar denial by a major Canadian company.

235101_3-cp.jpg( CP PHOTO/Jeff McIntosh)
“Canadian Pacific Railway locomotives work in the Calgary yard in this May 2007 file photo.”

Remember when BCE denied it was in takeover talks? Now it’s carcass is being picked over. Today it is Canadian Pacific which is in denial mode. One may be forgiven for entertaining the quaint notion that maybe there is another railroad interested in providing a new service. Instead, said quaint-thinker – will discover that the buyer is another equity firm.

“The country’s second-biggest railway had trading of its shares halted this morning after a media report suggested Brookfield, Goldman Sachs & Co. and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec were mounting a takeover bid, and had requested a meeting with CP executives.

Telecommunications and transportation are the linchpins of any economy and the federal government is simply allowing the corporate takeovers continue. A demand for public ownership of key industries should be at the top of an already very long government to-do list of saving the economy from the deep integrationists

This is not new. The NAFTA agreement was just a beginning. David Crane, writing in the Toronto Star in 2002 was exposing the intent of deep integration five years ago. We need to wake up and challenge the economic assault on Canada.

Read the full article about CP by reporter Chris Sorensen here.



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