Managed chaos……..July 31, 2007

While many decry the mess in Iraq, many others can see that it truly is “mission accomplished”. The goal was never to simply remove a dictator and promote democracy. Paul Bremer didn’t “screw up” by dissolving the Iraqi army and Baathist government. He was sent there to do just that.

Perhaps less successful, the propaganda machine – often referred to as “the media” – has fed the message that Bush and company have mismanaged the war. This message helps ensure the debate never solidifies around the illegality of the war and impeachment, and instead turns the debate to who may best lead the effort to better manage the war. The Americans have no intention of pulling out of Iraq as they did in Vietnam.

There are enough reports about the military bases being built and that the new American embassy is reported to be a multi-million dollar state within a state, to see that the Americans are in Iraq for the long run. The country is now a forward operating base for American corporations.

Of course chaos must always be managed and there are South American leftist governments that need American attention, so how best to make up for a drop in American soldiers on the ground? Why simply arm neighbouring client states with high tech weapons, let the locals continue to fight among themselves, while arms manufacturers and other capitalists make obscene profits.

“The sale of satellite-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia, the first such sale to any Arab country, is thought to be part of the proposed $20bn arms deal with the kingdom and five other Gulf states – the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.” (


PHOTO: Rice insisted the US shared aims with Middle East allies).

While in the region, Ms Rice and Mr Gates are expected to ask Saudi King Abdullah to do more to support the Iraqi government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki.”(

The United States, and in particular, the Bush family have always relied upon the Saudis. Indeed, Bush, in part, may well have acted as a mercenary for the Saudi royal family who were always nervous about Saddam Hussein.

Capitalism depends on managed chaos and war. George Bush and his coterie of criminals have a plan to maintain a hold on an uninterrupted supply of oil and maintain military and economic advantage. The plan it is unfolding as it was meant to.

“The current situation—not only but especially in the Middle East—is defined by the imperialist offensive mounted by the United States and its closest allies (notably Israel and Britain) since 11 September 2001. Carried out under the slogan of the ‘war on terrorism’ the real aim of this offensive is to perpetuate the global domination of US capitalism (hence the title of the neocon ‘Project for the New American Century’). The Middle East – and more generally Western Asia (what Zbigniew Brzezinski calls the ‘the global Balkans’) – is the privileged site of this struggle, both because of its strategic and economic significance and because of the setbacks that the US and its allies have suffered, notably thanks to the effects of the Iranian Revolution of 1978-9 and of Israel’s disastrous 1982 Lebanon War.”

(Above quote by Alex Callinicos, [who] teaches political philosophy at the University of York in England. His most recent books are An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto and The New Mandarins of American Power. Quote appears at in an online interview dated Oct. 6, 2006.)



UPDATE – August 1


Bush Keeps Israel Close, Saudi Arabia Closer


bush and abdullah
AP Photo / Gerald Herbert
Joining forces: George W. Bush clasps hands with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah (then crown prince) as the president welcomes him and his attendants to Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, in April 2005.

By Robert Scheer

“Go figure: From the White House comes the news that self-styled anti-terrorism crusader George Bush wants to sell $20 billion in high-tech military equipment to Saudi Arabia, the source of most of the financing, and 15 of the 19 hijackers, for the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. The justification can’t be that this is yet another boondoggle for the military-industrial complex—the big winner in the war on terror—so we are told instead that the Sunni-dominated Saudi kingdom needs this weaponry to withstand a future challenge from those dastardly Shiite fellows in Iran.” Continue reading here.


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  1. It’s a disgrace and you hit all the issues on the head with this post. My government is run by war profiteers!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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