Citizen journalism…..August 7, 2007

Rory O’Connor is a reporter for This youtube feature is from an Al Jazeera program exploring the Ohmynews network – perhaps the largest outlet in the world for citizen journalism – and it is the creation of a former South Korean journalist, Oh Yeon-ho. As an aside, South Korea has the highest penetration of broadband services in the world – well over 80%.

The fact that cities in Canada like to boast of being “smart” cities because of fiber optic cables in place pales next to what other countries (and South Korea is a fine example) are doing. Technology is only worth bragging about if it truly empowers people; to help citizens become truly media savvy and familiar with the new concept of media democracy – free of corporate control.

While still in its infancy, and, as Dan Gillmor states in the video, citizen journalists signal a new era of communicating information as long as traditional journalistic concepts such as fairness and accuracy are followed.

When I read view feedback sections in online newspapers, surely a form of citizen journalism,  I am horrified by the name calling and sniping that occurs.

Read a related media democracy article in here.


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