Ontario is having a referendum! August 12, 2007

On election day this Fall, Ontarians will be having their say in a referendum. There is more information here and here.



Mixed Member Proportionality is a system used in most democracies. Canada, the United States and Britain are in the minority of nations who declare themselves democracies, yet are routinely ruled by governments who never win a majority of the popular vote. This is why, in Canada, many people don’t bother to vote because (a. There isn’t a party which represents their interests and (b. If they vote with their conscience – for what they believe – and their party choice is not elected, then those voters feel their vote is wasted. And, it is. I voted NDP last time and Harper rules as though he is in a majority position.

Don’t expect the big media outlets to talk about MMP. They aren’t keen to because their interests are already taken care of thank you very much with the way things are. It is up to us all to get as much information as possible. Nothing in life is a sure thing, and while recognizing this, voting to approve MMP is a step towards implementing a truly democratic voting system, at least in Ontario. If it starts here, it will likely catch on nationally.

As seen on the website, http://voteformmp.ca/about_mmp/more_choice, this is what a MMP ballot could look like:



MMP Newsletter


Referendum Countdown – 56 Days

August 15, 2007 – www.voteformmp.ca
info@voteformmp.ca / 416-644-1034 or 1-866-283-3MMP
In this issue:

· Equal Voice MMP campaign launched

· Letter writers needed

· Office space needed

· Liberals for MMP launched

· New Democrats for MMP being formed

· New campaign brochures ready for shipment

· “Missing referendum”: campaign on lack of referendum coverage

· Volunteers needed for the campus and youth campaign


On July 26, a multi-partisan group of women, including former cabinet ministers Janet Ecker and Marilyn Churley, came together at Queen’s Park to launch Equal Voice’s campaign to support MMP in the October 10 referendum. The women noted that experience from other countries that use MMP indicates that the new system would improve female representation in the Ontario legislature.

Ecker, the only woman to serve as Finance Minister in Ontario’s history, noted that women’s perspectives are needed in the legislature: “In a society as diverse as Ontario, you need people sitting in that chamber down the hall who come from different backgrounds, who come with different experiences and different perspectives. That’s what a democratic system is supposed to be all about.”

For more information about Equal Voice’s campaign, visit their campaign website at http://www.equalvoiceinpolitics.ca/


With only 8 weeks left in the campaign, it is more important than ever to ensure we respond to every news story that spreads misinformation about or opposes MMP. If you are willing to write letters to newspapers in response to anti-MMP stories, please join our letter-writers list. You can be as active as you want, responding to every news article we identify, or just when you have time. We need MMP supporters on our team from all areas of the province, so that we can ensure that there are local responses to local papers. To join the team, please email june@greenmarble.ca and also let us know where you live.


As our campaign grows, we need space for staff and volunteers. If anyone knows of a free or inexpensive office space where we could put 20 computers, ideally close to downtown Toronto, please let us know at info@voteformmp.ca.


July saw the formation of Liberals for MMP, a group of Liberal Party supporters who will be calling on fellow Liberals to vote for MMP. They have set up a website at http://liberals4mmp.blogspot.com/ and are busy bringing more Liberals onside, like candidates Kate Holloway (Trinity-Spadina) , Selwyn Hicks (Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound) and Steven H. Fishman (Simcoe-Grey) who have joined cabinet ministers Michael Bryant, John Gerretson and George Smitherman in supporting MMP. To join Liberals for MMP, contact Matt Guerin at mattfguerin@yahoo.ca.


Former Ontario NDP leader Michael Cassidy is interested in working with fellow NDPers to launch New Democrats for MMP. Any NDP members or supporters interested in helping launch this group should contact us at info@VoteforMMP.ca. Further details will be forwarded to interested people.

Please stay tuned for information about Conservatives for MMP and Greens for MMP. Groups should be forming in the coming weeks. If you would be interested in helping coordinate those groups, please contact us at info@voteformmp.ca.


The new campaign brochure “It’s Time to Make Democracy Better” is now ready for shipment. Please note the following:
If you are in an area with a Fair Vote Canada chapter, please contact the chapter noting how many brochures you would like and when you need them. Chapter contact information is available here: http://www.fairvotecanada.org/en/Chapters_and_Caucuses.
PLEASE: when making your request, specify the number (or range) of brochures that you would like and provide your mailing address.
If you are not in an area covered by an FVC chapter, or have questions or special requests, contact info@voteformmp.ca.


Canadians for Democratic Media, an activist group, has just launched a campaign surrounding the lack of media coverage on the referendum.

Learn more and take action on media under-reporting of this important issue by visiting their web site at http://www.democraticmedia.ca/mediacheck


We are planning to have organized campaigns on all university campuses and as many college campuses as possible in the fall. If you, or anyone you know, are a student at an Ontario post-secondary educational institution and would like to educate your peers about MMP, we need more volunteers. To get involved, contact Mark Greenan, student campaign coordinator, at mark.greenan@fairvote.ca



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3 responses to “Ontario is having a referendum! August 12, 2007

  1. I like the idea of proportional representation. Here in the US, we are probably never gonna see it. I hope this referendum passes up there in the great white north! Then maybe the idiots in the MSM here in the states will be alerted to the existence of such a system…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. Here’s hopin’!!!!!!!


  3. With strong activists like you pulling for it Paul, there is a fighting chance for success!

    Keep plugging!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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