Ontario’s NDP: our best shot at this time.

I describe myself as a democratic socialist. I belive that while no human cultural or political creation can be a pancea for all ills and challenges, socialism is at heart simply a way to best organize resources by those who need them. Socialism recognizes the inherent worth of every one of us as opposed to being worthy only if one can contribute to the economy, with worthiness  defined by wealthy elites.

The following is my letter to the editor which appeared in the September 13th issue of the Windsor Star. An election campaign is on in this province and while I believe the NDP is flawed and battered by neo-conservative and short-sighted middle class values, the party is a necessary stepping stone to a socialist transformation of the Canadian working class experience.

I just moved to Windsor and got myself on the voters list. Are you registered to vote? Make sure you are.

Working class Ontarians once again have a chance to repair the social landscape of the province laid waste by the Harris conservatives – damage barely acknowledged during the liberals’ caretaker regime. What are voters to decide? More do-nothing hype from Mr. McGuinty? Another divisive conservative election drive based on wedge issues like public funding for religious schools?  Watching unions get duped with the Working Families Coalition?

The bare minimum working class people can do is elect NDP members to office. Is it not obvious that a liberal or conservative is the same thing? The NDP is the party of the working class. The working class need not be victims of circumstance. In northern Ontario , where I originate from, the Bob Rae NDP government helped save jobs in the Spruce Falls mill in Kapuskasing , Ontario . Members like Shelly Martel (Nickel Belt MPP), Gilles Bisson (Timmins/James Bay MPP) and Charlie Angus (Timmins/James Bay MP) still fight against corporate greed on behalf of working class and First Nations people.

It’s time for some union leaders to crack open their Labour College of Canada texts and take a look at what happens when liberals use workers to get elected and then show them the door once in power.

Voters in Windsor must not be dragged into what ever strategy Buzz Hargrove has with his endorsement of The Working Families Coalition. The working class needs its own party in power to ensure that there is a true advocate for working class issues. We gained nothing in the past we didn’t fight for and that holds true today. Begging hat in hand by voting liberal is giving up; voting conservative is just plain self destructive. Voting NDP is the start of a struggle to truly fight for working class family values.


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