Defy corporate Canada: Vote NDP October 6, 2007


A Message From Howard:

Don’t give Dalton McGuinty a Blank Cheque
We have just a few more days before election day, and voters are thinking about the decision that they have to make on Wednesday. They’re talking to their families and friends over the long weekend, and they’re talking about the campaign and their choices.

And do you know what they’re saying? John Tory has been a disaster as an opposition leader. His obsession with faith-based schools has given Dalton McGuinty a free ride by distracting from the real issues. John Tory has proven he’s not capable of presenting a credible alternative to Dalton McGuinty.

As for Dalton McGuinty – he has run a terrible campaign in a bubble. He’s kept himself in a bubble, far away from the working families he’s let down. He has refused to speak to his record.

He has utterly failed to tell voters what he would do if he gets another big majority. We know he isn’t John Tory, but other than that, he is offering nothing.

Meanwhile, New Democrats have put forward a clear, achievable alternative: a fair deal for working families. Six practical, doable commitments you can count on from the NDP versus six-dozen more promises from Dalton McGuinty that he has no intention of keeping. Six dozen McGuinty promises that aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

So where does that leave voters who are feeling Dalton McGuinty let them down?

It leaves them with the only party that stands up for working families. The NDP.

I’m inviting all voters who just don’t trust Dalton McGuinty and who are feeling let down by: his $40,000 pay raise, his stalling on the $10 Minimum wage, his failure to step in to protect good jobs, by skyrocketing tuition fees, by broken promises to children with autism, his refusal to adopt minimum standards of care for seniors in long-term care, and his wrong-headed commitment to nuclear power; to take a look at the NDP.

I’m inviting Liberal voters, Conservative voters, people who may never have voted NDP in their lives, and above all young voters, to take a look at our six NDP commitments to make your life better and more affordable.

To vote for the only party that will fight back when people are hurting.

I’m asking you – don’t give a Dalton McGuinty you don’t trust and you don’t believe a blank cheque.

Don’t give Dalton McGuinty a pat on the back and a licence to hurt working families for another four years.

Dalton McGuinty doesn’t care about working families.

Dalton McGuinty doesn’t care about the 1.2 million hard-working men and women who earn less than $10 an hour.

Dalton McGuinty doesn’t care about the seniors who spent their lives building this province who are living in despicable conditions.

One thing we do know Dalton McGuinty cares about is himself. He proved that by giving himself a $40,000 raise in eight days. A raise almost double the annual salary of the average working woman. But he has no money for seniors in long-term care.

Next Wednesday, the people of Ontario will pass judgment on Dalton McGuinty and his record of broken promises and letting people down.

We can show him that WE care. And we can do something about it.

You have the power to make it happen. You can vote NDP.

You can count on the NDP to fight for a fair deal for you and your family.

Howard Hampton
Leader, Ontario’s NDP



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