The Caspian Summit and the oil war ….. October 18, 2007

Kaveh L Afrasiabi writes, in the Online Asia Times, that the just concluded Caspian Summit “… is bound to be regarded as a milestone in regional cooperation, with serious ramifications for a broad array of issues transcending the Caspian Sea region.” Thanks to the lunatic George Bush and his corrupt gang of war criminals, Russia has now drawn a line in the sand – it was only a matter of time. The Russians were likely able to allow American frustration play out after 9/11 and now it’s time to contain the madness. Not that Putin gives a hoot about democracy or the deaths of a million Iraqi’s. No, it’s access to oil. We have allowed corporate globalization to wreck the promise of the post-Cold War years. It’s not too late but time is running out.

The U.S. has plans to plant missiles in Poland to counter the “Iranian threat” and Russia has said it will not allow them to stay. Afrasiabi writes that it is “…. the [American’s] unbounded interventionist policies, that have now brought Iran and Russia closer together and to the verge of a new strategic relationship. After all, both Iran and Russia are today objects of American coercion, their national security interests and objectives imperiled by the US’s post-9/11 militarism and its feudalistic ossification of the international order.”



It seems clear that the world is now poised for a further intensification of conflict as the global power elites fight over what is the last easy oil on earth.

Afrasiabi concludes his article, saying that “[t]he only choice [for the U.S.] is either stubborn refusal to make the necessary policy adjustments toward Iran, along the lines of a non-threatening civil diplomacy, or to face what is certain to be a diplomatic defeat in the global arena.”  I wonder if George Bush gets that idea at all?


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