Iraq: A slice of bitter reality

The war criminals in the White House would have us believe they are winning hearts and minds of the Iraqi’s. Watch this video by Sean Smith “… the Guardian’s award-winning war photographer [who]spent nearly two months with the 101st airborne in Iraq … his haunting observational film that explodes the myth around the claims that the Iraqis are preparing to take control of their own country.

Perhaps pay special attention to the soldier talking about how lazy the Iraqi’s are. Any labour activist will recognize the passive resisitance being used against the U.S. slodiers. The Iraqi’s are resisiting the only way they can when faced with ignorant, angry and heavily armed soldiers. The iraqi’s in this are the bravest people. If you see the movie “In the Valley of Elah” one character says that they shouldn’t send heroes to Iraq. This clips show why. This is an army of occupation, plain and simple. The American soldiers are being lied to with any suggestion they are in Iraq to bring freedom. They are there to keep the lid on while the resources of the country are stolen – the Iraqi’s themselves are under no such illusions………. 


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