Remembrance Day. November 11, 2007.

Another day of Remembrance and the world is slipping toward even greater levels of violence. It is time to remember the sacrifices made by others ALL year round by denouncing war and banning and destroying ALL weapons of mass destruction. Hello George Bush – you have the biggest stockpile!




The pictures are of the men of “Dog Baker” Troop, 36 Battery, 23rd Field Regiment(SP), 4th Canadian Armoured Division. My dad, Harold, is in the middle and the picture was taken near Caen, France, August 1944. They fought through France, Belgium, Holland and northern Germany. They were firing rounds in Germany as the ceasefire came over the radio net in May 1945. I am proud that my dad and the others served. I believe however, that when it was all done, their thoughts were that surely to God no one would have to do that again. Surely, the last thoughts of a dying soldier, must be – please God, no more of this……… 

It is not the working class men and women who look for fights. It is the capitalist elites fighting for territory, wealth and power that cause the fights. Sure, Hitler was a menace and mass murderer and who let him get that far? It was only when business interests were threatened did he become a scourge. Howard Zinn makes the case in his book, A People’s History of the United States, that the U.S. entered the war, not because of Pearl Harbour, but rather to secure markets and raw materials that the British would not be able to maintain after the war – one empire passes the tourch to the other.

By allowing Bush, Harper, and Blair(former U.K. prime minister) to make a case for wars of occupation is to betray the memory of those who DID fight for freedom. Individual soldiers need our support to show it is OK for them to decline to participate in occupations sold as humanitarian efforts.

A related article appears in, by Penny Coleman, entitled: Veterans’ Suicides: a Hidden Cost of Bush’s Wars.



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