Haitian Social Activist Pierre-Antoine Lovinsky Disappeared…..

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Pierre-Antoine Lovinsky

Sam Urquart, writing for the Guerrilla News Network, reports that, “[t]hree years after their elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide, was overthrown by a band of U.S.-trained adventurers, Haitians continue to deal with the consequences.” He goes on to continue that “[t]he government has little control over right-wing paramilitaries and the police, while UN forces bludgeon impoverished communities into obedience.”

Canadians must not turn our backs on Haiti. We are involved because the Canadian Government, acting in our name, helped overthrow an elected head of state. We are, therefore, complicit in the suffering of the Haitian people. Their own defenders, such as Mr. Lovinsky, work at great personal risk and display a passionate bravery we can only dream of for our own leaders. Perhaps we, as working class people, can at least defend the defenders and demand that our government do more than provide a police force in Haiti – that we actively ensure that Haitians are guaranteed basic human rights protection that we all talk about.

Be sure to visit this important site for more information about the criminal occupation of Haiti.


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