Impeachment still on the table?


A Question of Impeachment

“Beginning Sunday, November 18, Culture Project brings crucial and timely concerns to the fore once again with a new, unique series that gathers some of the most brilliant and visionary minds of our time to explore and debate the case for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.”

“A Question of Impeachment engages audiences in the investigation of crucial issues affecting all Americans, particularly as they prepare to elect a new leader, including expansion of executive powers, war, surveillance, torture and extraordinary rendition, and government response to disaster.”

This is a beautiful example of how the arts can inform while the media fawns over power. See the full “impeachment schedule” here.


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One response to “Impeachment still on the table?

  1. It’s so painfully sad for amerikkkans, though. I mean, they were sold this whole lie about being able to overthrow a president whenever they wanted, if the conditions were right and the shit was thick enough. There are old rules on their books that don’t line up with the state of world politics in the 21st century. But they still rely on the old rules. Sad, how the old rules are being revisioned by those with power. The people are being told in the plainest language possible that what they want just doesn’t matter and still they have not chosen to take it to the next level. I think the next level is reserved for countries where dictators are called dictators and refer to themselves as dictators, where they refer to their regimes openly as dictatorships. The amerikkkans still believe they live in a democracy (which isn’t true, it’s a republic) and that they have a president not a dictator. The lies are collossal and will only have power to keep those people in place as long as they speak the words as if they are as weighty and as good as the truth.

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