“Jammers and Cultural Creatives,

Buy Nothing Day is just a week away. It’s a critical moment. The environmental crisis is finally penetrating into mainstream consciousness. Our future hangs in the balance and you can make a difference.

Activists around the world are getting organized. Check out the events in many cities that have already been posted on our Buy Nothing Day forum. This is the perfect moment for you to get involved, either by joining an event, or by starting an action of your own. There are over 100,000 of us, so let’s turn this fifteenth annual Buy Nothing Day into an unforgettable blast.

Go to ADBUSTERS.ORG . . . There you’ll find videos, poster downloads, ideas for jams, and lots more. Make a personal commitment not only to go on a consumption fast this November 23 (24 in Europe), but to give the one billion affluent people of the first world a resounding wake-up call.

Let’s give them hell this Buy Nothing Day!”

The Adbusters Team

See the Book Section on this site for a related title.


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