Australians are catching on – will Canadians?


Labor leader Kevin Rudd celebrates his victory in the Australian federal election with supporters in his hometown of Brisbane. Australia’s 13.5 million voters ousted Prime Minister John Howard after 11 years of conservative rule to install a centre-left government. (TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images) Australia’s new government is committed to signing the Kyoto accord even as Harper pillories it.

Prime Minister Harper is at the Commonwealth Conference where he is continuining to deny Canadians proper representation. This time it is refusing to agree to real caps on greenhouse gas emisions. The Australians were in agreement with this. However, Australian prime minister Howard’s conservative government has just fallen in elections there.


Canadians will surely have a chance to hand Harper his hat next year sometime. We need to wake up and fast in order to curb the disaster known as the Tarsands, get troops out of Afghanistan and get the federal “surplus” out of the hands of the corporate elites and into the hands of citizens who need it. 

In the meantime, in these dangerous times Harper strides the world stage – a rebel without a clue – caught in the ideology of mass consumption and unwilling to face facts himself. Australia’s new government is committed to signing the Kyoto accord after defeating Harper’s counterpart, John Howard, as Harper continues to promote the idea of a “flawed” Kyoto accord. The only flaw in it is men like Harper, George Bush and Howard woon’t abide by it.  One down and two to go.



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2 responses to “Australians are catching on – will Canadians?

  1. Hi there,
    I haven’t been by here in a while. So, I thought I would just poke my head in and comment. I think that what’s happened in Australia is wonderful. But really, time may very well show that what seems like a profound voter shift may not last. In terms of north amerikkka following suit. These two white dominated nations are strongholds of white, corporate, class domination. What happened in Australia is a lovely fluke, sad to say. But let’s not take the fun too far. 🙂 There is a particular status quo maintained here. It has fangs we haven’t yet begun to really experience. I doubt that what happened in Australia will flow over and influence things here.

    Oh! 🙂
    And p.s.
    I saw that you have me listed as a writer. Not sure why. What I do on my blog is less creative and more just plain english lefty political writing. Barring a feminist bloggers section or a foaming at the mouth radical lefty mama section…I’m not sure you have either of those :), I am respectfully requesting a change to your “progressive misc. blogs” section. Thanks in advance and cheers!

  2. Hi – Thanks for dropping by – and for sure I know this isn’t evidence of a huge change. Canadians are so apathetic right now that the Australian “triumph” is a big thing and it is the least we can do in terms of getting to a world you and I know could exist if we truly wanted it. I’ll make a new place for your blog listing….


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