Must see documentary: “Taxi to the Dark Side”


(Jehad Nga/Corbis) “American soldiers with detainees during an Iraqi dust storm in a scene from Alex Gibney’s documentary “Taxi to the Dark Side.””

“A year from now, the presidency of George W. Bush will end, but the consequences of Mr. Bush’s policies…” Read further here

My God, who can know the true legacy of the Bush regime. Our best guesses will likely be pallid reflections of the bloody reality. The pain and suffering of working class Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistani’s and all who were in the way of the monstrous juggernaut launched by the criminals in the White House is already evident. It will take years of toil by researchers, journalists and filmmakers such as Alex Gibney to document it all in an effort to bring to justice George Bush and his cohorts.


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