Dalton’s fantasy world……

Premier McGuinty is either a complete fool or attempting to willfully mislead Lippmann’s “bewildered herd”* In a Toronto Star report, the Premier says that all economists he has talked to agree that Ontario’s economy will still grow even in the face of an imploding American economy; an economy drugged on debt and a murderous war which is costing billions of dollars, feeding arms manufacturers and killing human beings.


Mr McGuinty’s solution?

“”One way to help the Ontario economy is to go shopping, he added.

“If you want to be helpful to the economy, then go ahead buy that fridge, buy that new house, buy that car,” he said.

“That’s good for our economy and good for our jobs.”” (,


The man should be fired and sent packing. The reason the world is heading for a recession is BECAUSE of easy and cheap credit. Capitalism depends on ever-increasing consumption. Jobs are disappearing and all the “lucky” ones have is a giant line of credit to keep afloat. To tell us to go out and shop is a monstrous insult. The environment and the well-being of billions of human beings are threatened by capitalist expansion and our politicians come up with: go shopping. There oughta’ be a revolution.

*“Lippmann … argued that in a properly-functioning democracy there are classes of citizens. There is first of all the class of citizens who have to take some active role in running general affairs. That’s the specialized class. They are the people who analyze, execute, make decisions, and run things in the political, economic, and ideological systems. That’s a small percentage of the population. Naturally, anyone who puts these ideas forth is always part of that small group, and they’re talking about what to do about those others. Those others[are]the big majority of the population [and] they are what Lippmann called “the bewildered herd.” [The specialized class McGuinty is really talking to] have to protect [them]selves from the trampling and rage of the bewildered herd.”[er, yeah – that’s you and me. So remain calm and go shop]



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