The Manley Report on Afghanistan

harper-manley.jpg Prime Minister Harper and John Manley: Two peas in a pod.

It is true that on many occasions each federal election has been hailed as “a turning point for Canada”. It’s probably more accurate to say that each election is a turn in the road and every now and then we come to a major intersection. The elections are decisions on which way to continue. The next federal election will determine how much more lost we are going to get if we return Stephen Harper to Parliament with a majority.

stevenstapleswithcaption.jpgStephen Staples has written an analysis for Toronto’s NOW magazine in which he suggests the groundwork is being laid for a definitive fight on which way Canada treads – in the service of a criminal regime in Washington, or as a beacon of international hope for sanity and courageousness in a world being consumed by greed, hate and capitalist expansion.

“The case for more war
Panel on Afghanistan gives PM a rationale for dragging out the conflict”

“John Manley and his panel on the future of Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan have delivered a late Christmas gift to Stephen Harper.

Their report hits all the right notes, endorses the government’s conduct of the war and calls on Canada to keep doing the same thing it has been – just more of it … [e]ven more, the war may play a role in spurring on an election. If Harper moves quickly to a vote on extending the mission without assured Liberal support, Canada’s combat role in Kandahar will be a key election issue.”

Read the full article HERE


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