Lost dreams? Jan 30 2008

January 30, 2008

In Search of Lumumba

Congo’s landscape of forgetting

By Christian Parenti

lumbumba.jpgPatrice Lumumba, the Congo’s first-elected, left-wing Prime Minister, is remembered around the world as an icon of African independence, but is legacy is more complicated at home.

“Congolese history [is] a story of brutally uneven development that, after the optimistic moment of African de-colonization that began with Ghana’s independence in 1957 and swept across the continent, leading to Congo’s independence three years later, was then arrested and eroded by kleptocracy and war.  […] Lumumba … leaned toward socialism and, when spurned by the West, turned to the Soviets for military support. Some accounts from Western journalists and diplomats portray him as impulsive and erratic. Maybe he would have devolved into corruption and megalomania like so many other leaders who began their public careers close to the people, but then drift away.”

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