Strategic oil reserves? Who needs em!


A January 31 press release from the Parkland Institute states that “Canada is currently the most vulnerable country in the industrial world to short-term oil supply crises, and we need to establish strategic petroleum reserves to remedy the problem.” I am sure most Canadians made the mistake (and I include myself in this) that our country had a reserve of just-in-case oil.

James Laxer is the author of the report and he noted that “[w]e are virtually the only country in the industrial world without strategic petroleum reserves…” Laxer , a political economist at the U of A goes on to note that “[t]he combination of our energy commitments under NAFTA and the north-south flow of our pipelines virtually guarantees that Eastern Canada will face shortages during global supply shocks—this puts Canadians at risk.”

Add this to the coming telecommunication/Internet access crisis, health care, foreign policy issues being ignored by the minority Harper government, and we are brewing a catastrophe for this country.


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