Prime Minister Harper cozies up to the defence establishment

Contemplating the passage of time and the death of Roy Scheider I watched the twenty-fifth anniversary DVD of Jaws. Could it be said that the unrelenting beast is a metaphor for neo-liberal capitalism: a beast lurking around because the food supply is so, well, tasty? I liked Scheider’s “Chief Brody” for his pluck and courage.

How about the scene when Quint (Robert Shaw) slides down the slippery deck to his crunchy fate in the jaws of said beast? Could that be a metaphor for Canada as Stephen Harper prepares to address the Conference of Defence Associations?

David Pugliese reports that “[t]he scuttlebutt in Ottawa these days is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will finally announce his government’s Canada First defence strategy at the annual Conference of Defence Associations [CDA]meeting on Thursday.” Pugliese writes in his blog that the CDA “…is closely aligned with the Canadian Forces [and] receive[s] a chunk of DND money every year to preach the gospel about the need for more money for the military.”

Stephen Staples writes that “[t]he CDA receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from the Department of National Defence, and according to Maclean’ it is required to ensure that it publishes “a number” of articles in newspapers.” The CDA, then, is a public relations arm of the Canadian military establishment. While the liberals dither in Parliament, Mr. Harper is up-ending the boat and we all risk sliding into the jaws of the militarization of Canadian foreign policy.


Mr Staples will be appearing on tonight’s The National and in his segment will “…strongly recommended that Canada take a lead role in a comprehensive peace settlement in Afghanistan.” This position is the correct one; one that most Canadians would believe is our role as a responsible international actor.

I’m afraid Chief Brody won’t be able to get us out of this mess. So…we’ll have to do it ourselves.


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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Jason Whitmen

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