Ralph Nader: I’m glad he is running.


“Ralph Nader will be on NBC’s Meet the Press with Tim Russert this Sunday, February 24, 2008.

As you know, we’ve been exploring the possibilities in recent weeks.

And here’s one question that keeps coming up:

What’s been pulled off the table by the corporatized political machines in this momentous election year?


Cutting the huge, bloated and wasteful military budget, adopting a single payer Canadian-style national health insurance system, impeaching Bush/Cheney, opposing nuclear power – among many others.

Who will pick up these issues and put them back on the table?

Hope you get a chance to tune in to watch Ralph Nader this Sunday on Meet the Press.

Please tell your friends and family.

And thank you for your ongoing and generous support.


The Nader Team

PS: Remember to forward this message to your friends. If you received
this message from someone else, sign up here.”


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