Media for the people not profit.


“During the month of March, members of the Dominion’s editorial staff will visit communities from coast to coast to speak about the importance of independent media. We will be meeting with supporters and readers to discuss The Dominion’s five year plan, including the sustained financial support needed to do this work better and more often.”



This launch of a national newspaper co-operative is an important step in reclaiming the public sphere that is increasingly occupied by corporate entities. Accompanying this corporate army are the opinion creators in the public relations field who, for example, craft messages and strategies that denied Canadians a voice in the military extension in Afghanistan.

As well, in terms of media ownership, there is no better non-profit model than a co-op; a worker run enterprise. In the case of media, it is not just workers, but also readers and editorial functions that must all work together in a common effort to build consensus. Only through a diversity of voices can a truth be arrived at. An issue is always about what can/could be, not what is shoved down our throats by corporate elites whether it is gas guzzling cars, fat filled peanut butter or public relations as news.

Media should be a search for a common truth. Not an absolute truth, rather a consensus that works for most people: a consensus arrived at by those people.


The Dominion offers”… readers more than a chance to contribute to the growth of independent media in Canada. All sustainers and subscribers are part owners of The Dominion, a media co-operative dedicated to providing hard news coverage of the stories rarely reported by the mainstream media.”


See online versions of the paper HERE.


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