Another smoking ban…..

Premier McGuinty has said he has changed his mind and is now in favour of banning smoking in cars that have children on board. If the premier is involved in an issue it must be pretty important. Right up there with increasing social assistance rates and implementing a $10 an hour minimum wage, or banning the use of cell phones while driving. But, the premier hasn’t changed his mind about those things.

One wonders; does the premier ever let a big, wet fart go at the dinner table? Belch at ball games? Get a little tipsy at a Rotarian function? Has the premier ever longed to have sex on the dining room table? Somehow, I doubt it.

In life, there is always the Right-Thing-To-Do and then there are things that take a little more time and will change with continuing education. I count smoking around kids in the latter category. The McGuinty liberals have no intention of enacting any meaningful social legislation that would challenge the status quo; a status quo that allows the least to suffer the most. To legislate a day off and a smoking ban in cars is merely some look-busy work; akin to a social worker stamping their feet in frustration over a child without mitts, while the parents struggle to make ends meet in a rat-infested housing complex.

Under Mr McGuinty, Ontario is becoming a legalistic social worker regime; a place where every minuscule, banal social evil must be exposed and legislated on. Smoking is so…. sordid to his crowd and they simply cannot have children victimized by their own parents. But it is OK to subject our children to Canadian Forces ads during NHL games urging them to sign up and go kill some bad guys. Where are all the social worker voices then?


McGuinty strikes me as a man completely oblivious to the reality of the working class. Yeah, we fart, belch and crab about each other. And – gasp!- we smoke, drink and hork into the toilet in front of the kids too. Also, many of us agitate for change, cry foul when something is unjust, and we do try to fix the things we can in the world, all while trying to improve ourselves. It is galling to see someone who could wield real power for real change as premier and simply decide not to.

If McGuinty and his liberal band of merry persons were truly serious about smoking, the things would be banned from corner stores because the rate of smoking seems to be skyrocketing among teen aged girls. Of course that would upset the Mac’s Milk conglomerate and that kind of upheaval is simply too gauche for McGuinty’s crowd.

fd4ab0fc453e93ccd458895fd8f1.jpg Patrick Corrigan


Mr. McGuinty’s pallid response to the Afro centric school debate in Toronto is typical of his avoidance of real social issues and pales in comparison to Howard Hampton’s reasoned comments on StraightGoods.

I never feel I have learned anything from Mr McGuinty; merely that I have received a finger wagging lecture – with a creepy smile.

Ooops, sorry, pardon me.


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