Punditocracy: Why Hilary is even still in the race…..

“In case you had already gone to bed, it was shortly before midnight when Fox News, MSNBC and CNN all declared (within a few minutes of one another) that Hillary Rodham Clinton had won the Texas Democratic primary (they had all declared Ohio for Clinton much earlier, and, of course, they had noted John McCain’s final victory in the Republican race quite early in the evening).”


REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton celebrates her victory in Ohio at a rally in Columbus last night.”


The corporate media is drumbeating the line that the presidential race must be between McCain and Clinton. A fight is a fight and one can admire Clinton’s fierce drive to win. However, the media is being disingenuous in claiming that she has scored a big win. This fits nicely with the need for a show of democracy while giving those who even bother voting no real choice at all. Obama is no revolutionary, but he has not proven himself malleable enough for the power elites to trust him on the White House.

Eric Black exposes the role of the media as a trumpet for those in power.


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