An energy efficient building can still be a waste…

In Sudbury, Ontario, Canada All Nations church has announced plans to build a new house of worship – a local version of the tower of power. This version is concrete domes, so might one say PowerDomes?

Denis St. Pierre reports in the Sudbury Star that “[t]he church’s plans call for the construction of two monolithic domes, each covering 13,500 square feet and rising 50 feet. The two domes would be connected by a 4,000-square-foot foyer/assembly area. A third dome could be added in the future. One of the first two domes will house an auditorium-style church, including a stage and capable of seating between 900 and 1,200. The second dome will house offices, a gymnasium and activity rooms.” With three domes a future sale to the Catholic Church would be assured.



Church members have raised $1.8 dollars so far. It seems incredible. Sudbury is experiencing a boom right now because of high nickel prices(the area is a large nickel producer) and yet the apartment vacancy rate is very near zero. This is a building venture that will actually serve a very small part of the total population and one must question any venture that does not serve the common good – especially if it is dressed up as energy efficient. What is truly needed is energy efficient homes with funding to convert existing housing stock and build new high density housing – especially for those at risk on the lower end of the economic food chain called capitalism.

“God is calling us to come alongside Him in this great adventure of faith. Building on the Rock for Tomorrow is the capital campaign for our congregation’s new home on 14 acres of land near the downtown core, off St. Raphael Street. This name has been chosen to glorify the vision of God in teaching us to build on the foundation of the rock” (Matthew 7:24-26). 1


If the building does not serve a real human need then it doesn’t matter how energy efficient it is – it is a waste of resources. This is a showcase for egos; I have often thought of Jesus as an ego deflater.




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