Prime Minister Harper stacks the Canadian Senate

I am absolutely sickened at the report that Harper is set to appoint new Senators. Stacking the Senate while parliament is prorogued? Sure, technically Harper can do it, what does this mean for Canadian democracy? It means we are one step closer to no democracy.

What will it take for Canadians to stand up for ourselves? The deaths of 103 soldiers in an illegal occupation of a foreign and sovereign country? Nope. The trampling of democracy by an obvious tyrant in Ottawa, who shut down Parliament in contempt of the Canadian people? Nope. The collapse of neo liberalism and the shameless lack of support for the working class? (Canadians have not seen the worst of it yet) Nope. Mentally ill people routinely shot or tasered to death by the police ? Nope.

If we don’t rise up and shut down the sick economy and government then this country will effectively cease to exist. Canada will become a truly Balkananized series of fiefdoms ruled by an autocracy in Ottawa, kept in place by a law and order regime run by men like Stockwell Day. Where will the leadership come from for the confrontation that must come next? We simply MUST recognize that the elites have had their chance and have proven to be inept, short-sighted, greedy, arrogant, and simply dangerous. We must demand that they step aside, and the working class must stand up and take control of our own destiny. It must start with a national strike.


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